"There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise."
~ Gore Vidal



Joan Schulhafer Publishing & Media Consulting offers clients advice and support in defining goals and creating strategies to achieve a strong mix of promotion, publicity and advertising to meet their objectives.

Clients traditionally connect to the company through referral and primarily pursue multi-month or year-round representation on a retainer basis. Currently some select projects, which have been effective in complementing or jump-starting existing campaigns, are available for a flat fee.

Content Creation—Press Materials
Content Creation—Reading Group Guides
Content Creation—Web Site
Design and Printing
Event Calendar Placements
Event Planning
Online Reviews, Guest Posts, Interviews campaigns
Online Giveaway Promotion Campaigns
Photography and Image Sourcing
Presentations and Seminars

      The Discoverability Campaign: The D-word



If you would like us to contact you about special promotion opportunities we are offering that may be appropriate for you, please email us




"I take pride in bringing 20-plus years of experience with major publishers and as an independent creating full or complementary campaigns to publicize and promote books and their authors. Over the years, notable projects include both fiction and nonfiction titles, but I am perhaps best known for marketing general and genre fiction and for assisting authors with their short and long term strategies for continued success. That and for loving books."
   ~ Joan Schulhafer