"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

~ Henry Ford


What People are Saying


Ellen Ward

"Joan Schulhafer has helped my bookstore coordinate several book launch parties for well-known authors. Her creativity, timeliness and attention to detail have been instrumental in creating events that appear seamless while drawing large crowds, and helping our bottom-line. She's our favorite P.R. guru! Thanks, Joan."

~Ellen Ward, Co-Owner FoxTale Book Shoppe



"There is no one who knows the world of publications and publicity like Joan Schulhafer. Her expertise in targeted publicity and in designing the new wave of public relations in the ever-changing market and technology of today is unsurpassed!"

~ Heather Graham



Heather Graham


Jayne Ann Krenz



" I will always be grateful to Joan for launching my Amanda Quick career with a brilliant and innovative campaign that reached out to booksellers and attracted the attention of readers."

~Jayne Ann Krenz

"Joan Schulhafer was instrumental in helping me launch my eighth published novel. Her efforts in terms of media exposure, regional bookseller contacts, and publicity turned a good book into a break-out book. That particular book sold more than three times as many copies as my previous books, and moved me up to the next level of success. I'm convinced that my previous efforts would not have been enough to have the same success."

~ Karen White


Karen White


Lisa Jackson


" I've known Joan Schulhafer for over twenty years and have been her client for the last two. I couldn't be happier with her professional, prompt and personable client relations. She "gets" me and knows where I want to go with my career. I count her as a publicist and a friend."

~ Lisa Jackson


"I truly enjoy working with Joan and would recommend her in a heartbeat! Thanks to her public relations efforts, I have seen my name recognition increase and sales numbers grow. "

~ Mary Burton




Mary Monroe


" Working with Joan Schulhafer was an unforgettable and delightful experience. She was always so approachable, professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and patient. I was so fortunate to have a publicist who was also FUN to work with! Joan's sense of humor, her willingness to please, and her direct approach to everything we did together made our relationship, my book tours, and other events even more enjoyable. It would be an honor for me to work with her again."

~ Mary Monroe


"I'm amazed with how hard Joan and her team worked for my novel.
She delivered far more than she promised and stayed on the case for
longer than she needed to.
It was the best publicity job of my career."

~ Michael Baron



Nora Roberts



"Working with Joan was a pleasure, both personally and professionally. Her knowledge of marketing and promotion, her creativity and ability to match an author with the right campaign are top of the scale."

~Nora Roberts


"Joan Schulhafer is extremely professional and provides exceptional service to my bookstore. Her outstanding reputation in publicity and promotions is proven with every project I see her undertake. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Joan. She always goes that extra mile in all dealings with me, so for her author clients I imagine she would be an incredibly valued member of their team. Her creative knowledge enables her to handle all the "extra" jobs that comes with being a writer, which leaves the writer more time to write. Something I as a bookseller greatly appreciate."

~Rosemary Potter, Rosemary's Romance Books, Brisbane RWA Steffie Walker Bookseller of the Year Award 2009


Rosemary Potter


Lou Aronica

"Joan Schulhafer is an absolute professional with a real
passion for getting attention for her clients. The campaigns she has done for us have been among
our most successful and she is a complete pleasure to work with."

~ Lou Aronica, Publisher


"Joan is any author's friend. She goes to bat for her writers, and matches them to the right marketplace. Her long history with this industry serves us all."

~ Wanda Jewel, Executive Director SIBA

Wanda Jewel






"Working with Joan Schulhafer on the release of The Accidental Bestseller was an all around fabulous experience! I knew I was in good hands from our first conversation. Joan knows how and when to make things happen!"

~ Wendy Wax


"Joan Schulhafer is a terrific publicist. You should have her in your corner."

~ JoAnne Fluke

Joanne Fluke





"In the lonely business of book-writing, it's vital to know someone has your back. We could always count on Joan to promote, market and nurture our books with utter professionalism and zeal. Joan not only believed in her authors, she believed in their books as personally as if they were her own babies. She is a literary midwife extraordinaire."

~ P.J. Parrish